Belfiore Cheese Company is one of the few remaining small, family-owned cheese making operations in the Bay Area. All Belfiore products are made 100% naturally without any additives or preservatives. The operation was established in 1987 as one of first pioneers producing hand crafted Italian-style Mozzarella, Fior di Latte (or Fresh Mozzarella in water) here in America

In 1989, new owners, pursuing the same dreams of perfection in cheese making, took over the small operation and continued the same traditional cheese making techniques with a passion to preserve the genuine quality and homemade style that has become the signature of the Belfiore Cheese brand.

 In addition to winning many of the American Cheese Society awards in past years, the Wisconsin Cheesemakers Association awarded Belfiore the best domestic Feta made in America in 2002.


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Where Cheese Comes First…Naturally!





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A traditional cheese from India has also been added  to our production line. This white, semi-soft cheese is available in retail and foodservice packages.



Award Winning, 100% Natural Products

No Additives or Preservatives

Fior di Latte

·          Eight-ounce mozzarella balls in water. Case pack: Retail 10/8oz, Institution 2/3 lb.

·          Vacuum sealed in clear cups or white tubs. Shelf life: 30 days.

·          Appetizing and easy hors d’oeuvre with tomatoes, basil and olive oil.

·          Add rich flavor to any deli meat sandwich. Top with grilled eggplant, zucchini or bell peppers for

        appetizer plates.



·            Cherry-sized (1/3 oz) mozzarella balls in water. Case pack: Retail 10/8oz, Institution 2/3 lb.

·            Vacuum sealed in clear cups or white tubs. Shelf life: 30 days.

·            Excellent for quick appetizers and salads with cherry size tomatoes.

·            Fun for kids!



·          Creamy, rich and fresh flavor. Case pack: Retail 10/16 oz, Institution 2/5 lb.

·          Vacuum sealed in clear cups or white tubs. Shelf life: 30 days.

·          Made with fresh whole milk and whey.



·          Mediterranean style packed in traditional salt brine. Sizes from 12 oz to 30 lb pails.

·          Shelf life: 90 days up to one year.

·          Delightful table cheese. Delicate salt and pungent flavor balance for any recipe or pizza topping.


Traditional Mozzarella

·          Our fresh mozzarella, brined mildly and cryovac dry pack. Case pack: 12/12 oz.

·          A smooth flavor with excellent melting quality for all recipes.

·          Shelf life: 90 days.


Block Mozzarella

·          Creamy but firm textured Mozzarella loaves. Case pack: 8/6 lb.

·          Smooth velvety melting quality for pizzas. Perfect grating, shredding and slicing texture.

·          Shelf life: 90 days.


Smoked Mozzarella

·          Fresh smoked using 100% natural process with alder, apple and cherry wood. 
         Case pack: 12/8 oz.

·          Cold smoked overnight in our traditional smokehouse.  Shelf life: 90 days.

·          A zesty addition to green salads, sandwiches, or use for extra flavor as topping on pizzas and pasta dishes.



·      100% natural process from fresh pasteurized cream and acid starter – no
        sugar or other  ingredients.  Case pack: 10/8 oz.

·          Fresh and rich.  Desirable for quality desserts, and excellent with fresh fruit and toast points.

        Shelf life: 30 days


Farmer’s Cheese

·          Creamy, tart flavored Eastern European cheese. Pack size: 10/16 oz. Shelf life: 60 days.

·          Used in Blintz, or as traditional desserts with jam, raisins, or chocolate mixed in.


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